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Machine Planning Scheduler With Excel

Company Profile:

This application is created for a manufacturing company. It involves various process to manufacture a product like Pouring, Heating, Melting, Moulding etc.

Their Needs:

As company needs to schedule for hiring a machine from vendor for various purposes, to ease out their complex problem Excel Way to create a comprehensive Microsoft Excel scheduler application and to enhance their existing work sheet to receive the request from various departments. Previously there is no structured way to raise a request for machine hence they need a proper tracker for raising a machine request from each department.

The Solution:

Excel-Way developed a Scheduler in Microsoft Excel reporting tool that receives request from each department to plan and schedule the machines against each time slots. This gives them advantage to use the same machine to use by another department on its idle time instead to hire a new machine.

Key Client Benefits:

This scheduler gets updated whenever the new request is received this gives the information to the planning team to adjust the schedule instantly to plan effectively and use the idle hours of hired machines and reduce cost of hiring new machine.

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